Loan Calculator

Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program

Use this simple calculator to give you a general idea of what your monthly payments might be with an SBA 504 loan. Remember that Cen Cal finances 40% of your financing and that this calculator only gives you a rough estimate of monthly payments and not a guarantee.

Note: Typically, the SBA will lend no more than 40% of the project costs and the participating bank will lend 50%. Payments on the Bank loan must be calculated separately.

Note: The interest rate is subject to change each month due to changes in cost of funds.

Enter Cost of the Real Estate (Project Property)
Enter number of Years to be financed by bank
Enter estimated Bank interest rate
Bank Loan Amount equals 50% of Project Property
SBA Loan Amount equals 40% of Project Property
Borrower Downpayment / Equity Injection (10%)
Monthly Bank Loan Payment
Monthly SBA Loan Payment (based on the current rate)
Total Monthly Payments