New Life Discovery

Fortunately, Lynette has had Cen Cal in her corner.  We helped her organize her financial statements to show clearly the potential of her business to lenders.  And although other lending institutions had discouraged her from buying a building saying she wouldn’t be successful, Cen Cal found the right SBA loan program.

With our insider knowledge of the SBA, Cen Cal knew the economic benefits of New Life Discovery’s growth would be in their favor.  With Cen Cal’s assistance, Lynette was able to qualify for two different building purchase loans, each with low down payments that were half as much as conventional financing.

With lower down payments, Lynette was able to leave money in her business to create state-of-art day care facilities that stayed later, a boon for parents working longer hours.  Because Cen Cal saw the possibilities that conventional lenders overlooked, Lynette now has four locations with over 150 clients and consistently exceeds profit projections.  This all adds up to happy kids, parents and a very happy Lynette Ferguson.